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SAG-AFTRA Talent Payments

Navigating your way through the various SAG-AFTRA contracts can be confusing. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be costly. We help by asking all the right questions- guiding you through the estimating process and offering ways to keep your budget down by utilizing the most favorable rates in the contract for your production. PPS will provide any and all paperwork, contracts and forms required. After the shoot or session we’ll generate a detailed, easy to understand invoice that can be paid by check, credit card, ACH, wire, or electronic check. We take care of issuing the payment to the performers, filing all the reports with the union offices, remitting the benefits to the appropriate fund. At the end of the year we send W2s to the performers as the employer of record.

AEA Payments

Equity contracts require performers and stage managers to be covered by worker’s compensation insurance and unemployment insurance. Whether you’re using a Special Appearance, Guest Artist, LORT, Showcase or any other AEA agreement, PPS takes care of the insurance requirements, dues withholding and check processing. We remit all required reporting and benefit payments.

Crew Payments

Keeping your crew on your payroll can be costly and time consuming. By utilizing PPS you can forgo the unemployment and workers compensation insurance exposure. Because PPS processes a large volume of payroll, we can offer rates for Workers Comp and unemployment insurance that production companies cannot obtain. PPS handles both union and non-union crew payments. If you are an IATSE signatory, you can entrust all the laborious benefits reporting and remitting to us. If you use non-union crew, PPS can help you too. IRS regulations draw distinctions between Contractors and Employees and if you are still paying your crew on a 1099 basis, you could be liable for thousands in back taxes if the IRS audits you.

Theatre Staff Payments

If you have paid staff handling the day to day functions of your small theatre, don’t let the payroll steal the show. PPS can easily and effectively payroll your directors, managers and office staff without breaking the budget. We cover them for worker’s compensation insurance and unemployment insurance. Quick and easy billing and multiple payments methods allow us to fit into the way you already work.

Production Staff Payments

Why bring on a new employee for a project that will be done in 3 weeks? By pooling your employees with PPS, can eliminate the exposure to your workers compensation and unemployment accounts posed by your temporary production staff while. We offer easy to complete time cards in traditional or digital format, quick turn around on invoicing and payment and direct deposit. Our invoicing can be completely customized to fit the way you already work. We can detail your payroll by project or production code so that you know where all the money is going.

We process payments for all types of SAG-AFTRA covered work including Radio and TV Commercials, Corporate/ Educational videos, TV Programs, Theatrical Films including those produced under the Low Budget, Ultra Low Budget, Modified Low Budget, and Student Film Agreements. For commercials, we track use and holing cycles and advise you of required payments, avoiding costly late fees and reinstatement fees. Where permitted we can act as the signatory of record so you don’t have to sign a union contract.

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