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Why PPS?


Are you paying your talent, crew, production staff or office staff as independent contractors on a 1099? You could be risking a lot. If you classify an employee as an independent contractor and you have no reasonable basis for doing so, you may be held liable for employment taxes for that worker. In 2012, the state of California changed it's law to create significant penalties for employers who willfully misclassify workers, and fail to withhold taxes, and pay into the Unemployment system as well as cover them for Worker Compensation Insurance.


We handle all aspects of being the employer so you can focus on the final product. Treating your team as employees rather than independent contractors protects them too! It’s easier for them to obtain unemployment benefits, document employment, and contribute to their social security.


We become the employer of record and so we take care of income tax withholding for all jurisdictions. We remit those taxes to the appropriate agency and remit all required records and reports.

Unemployment Insurance

If you hire someone, even for a day, that person can file for unemployment. Multiple unemployment claims can increase your unemployment insurance rates. As the employer of record, PPS takes on that liability and the accompanying paperwork.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Injuries on the set and even in the editing room can be costly and time consuming. PPS carries full worker’s compensation insurance on everyone we pay as an employee. Any injury claims are handled by our staff and our industry leading insurance carrier.

Workers Compensation Insurance
Digital Onboarding

Determining the appropriate tax with holding forms, and other paperwork, distributing it to your team, collecting the completed documents, verifying employment eligibility via the I9 form and getting it all to payroll is entirely too time consuming.  PPS utilizes digital onboarding for all start paperwork, including employment eligibility via the federal E-verify system.  Onboarding can even be customized to your needs for project specific documents, like NDAs and releases.  Our process is easily completed via any internet connected device with no app needed.  Data is secured with bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption. 


PPS will work with you to set up customized, convenient reporting of your payroll. We make it as easy as possible for you to get us your payroll information. Online reporting, digital time sheets, and data exports are just a few of the ways we can get the information we need to pay your team. If we need any additional information for anyone on your payroll, we’ll run it down and get what we need.

Just like our reporting, our billing can be customized to give your as much as as little data as you would like. Billing and summaries can be generated by production code or client to makes tracking expenses by project simple and easy.

Payment Options

We accept payment by credit card, ACH, wire transfer, and electronic checks, no additional fees. For larger and recurring projects we can establish and escrow account which allows for the quickest turnaround of your payroll.


When it comes issuing checks, we offer options as well. We offer traditional paper checks mailed directly to your staff, cast and crew, direct deposit where permitted or batch distribution to your location.

Cycle & Use Tracking

If you use SAG-AFTRA talent in your TV and Radio Commercials, missing a holding fee or cycle payment can blow the budget at best and forfeit your rights to air the spot at worst. PPS will advise you of crucial holding and use fee due dates so you can rest easy.

Year End Tax Reporting

No more W2s or 1099s for your talent or crew. We process all the yearend paperwork required by the IRS, state and local agencies

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